Simone Campbell, SSS Comes to Holy Spirit Chapel in Campbell

L-R: Molly Neville, SNJM, Susan Maloney, SNJM, Simone Campbell, SSS, Rosemary Everett, SNJM and Miriam Daniel Fahey, SNJMSimone Campbell, SSS of the NETWORK Lobby held an informal gathering for Sisters and Associates at Holy Spirit Chapel, Campbell on Oct. 12. Earlier, Sr. Simone spoke at a news conference in San Jose sponsored by Women Religious of the South Bay and SF area and the San Jose Diocesan Social Justice Project. Topics she spoke on included Mending the Gap, Working Partnerships and PACT, Affordable Housing Initiatives, Work Initiatives (California Ballot Measures E and A) and the importance of registering to vote. Sr. Molly Neville  noted that the SNJM involvement in the event relates to the LCWR's Call for Civil Discourse, which states, "We call for a return to civility in our discourse and decency in our political interaction that promotes the common good, reaches out to others, engages in constructive dialogue and seeks together the way forward." 

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