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2015 Meals for Wheels Fundraiser

Friday, October 16, 2015
have Dinner at Home to support

the Sisters of the Holy Names

Meals for Wheels

Cook whatever you want or order in.
Put your ‘jammies’ on early, have dessert first.
Whatever you like. It’s your night.
You’re in the driver’s seat.
And when you count your blessings, we hope you’ll think of the Sisters
and make a donation.

Transportation for the Sisters at Our Lady of Fatima to attend special masses, funerals, SNJM community celebrations and outings requires special vehicles to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. After looking into all the options, renting is the most economical. But even then, the cost adds up. Won’t you consider a gift to help bring the community together?


This is how some of you spent the evening:

Kathy Stayed Home, how about you?!

The Lavelle's Stayed Home with granddaughter Caitlin--sounds good to us!

Happy Birthday Jill! They Stayed Home and raised their glasses to toast the Sisters.

Caden Stayed Home and made Grandma and Grandpa Connelly some soup! How great is that?!


2015 Strawberry Luncheon

On May 19, 2015, the annual Strawberry Luncheon was held at a new location--the Orchard City Banquet Hall, just one block from the Marie Rose Center. The 5th grade girls from St. Mary's School joined us and were a big help--escorting guests to their tables, setting the desserts out, and filling water glasses. A big thank you to Dana Carollo and the St. Mary's mothers who once again volunteered their time to come serve. Thank you to Kristin Dickens and The Party Helpers for the wonderful food. It was wonderful to see so many familar faces, and some new ones; Sister Kathryn Ondreyco showed a slideshow updating everyone on the lives of the Sisters.

For more photos, please see the Photo Album.


Los Gatos Farewell Open House

On May 18th, the Convent in Los Gatos hosted an open house for our benefactors, friends, and neighbors. Thirty Sisters and Associates volunteered their Sunday afternoon to meet, greet, and share stories and hospitality. It was a great opportunity for all to reminisce.

Additional photos can be found in the photo album.


2014 Marie Rose Guild Strawberry Luncheon and Boutique

On May Day, the Marie Rose Guild hosted the final Strawberry Luncheon and Boutique held at the Convent. Both the Casa and Garden rooms were filled with attendees and Sister Kathryn Ondreyco thanked the guild members for their years of service. The food was catered by The Party Helpers and Kristin Dickens, and served by Dana Carollo and other volunteer mothers from St. Mary's School. We thank everyone who has supported the Guild over the years with your time, talents, gifts or attendance at one of our events.

Additional photos can be found in the photo album. 


2013 Christmas Appeal "stuffing" party

One card, two card, three card, four
when we work together, it's not a chore

Mid-November at Sisters of the Holy Names means it is time for sisters, associates, and friends from near and far, to gather and 'fulfill' the SNJM Christmas Appeal. Four items get stuffed into each of the 10,000 envelopes (wow! that's a lot of work)... we appreciate every heart and hand that comes to help. With serious concentration and nimble fingers, the work was finished in no time. We celebrate with 'take-out' pizza from T-Birds (a favorite local pizza parlour), housemade salad, cold beverages and door prizes. 

This is a great occasion for all of us to spend some quality time together, we thank each and every person from the bottom of our hearts.

See the photo album for more.