Please fill out one of the Gift of Prayer forms below so that we may put your Gift of Prayer recipient on the prayer list and send them an acknowledgement card. Then, if you would like to make your donation online, click the blue Gift of Prayer Donation button.

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The Power of Prayer

"My family and I have been blessed by our friendship and relationship with the Sisters. I want to share that 'prayer power' with others.  I use the Gift of Prayer for donations in memory of relatives and friends or to ask for special blessings and graces for my family and friends who are ill or experiencing difficult times.  Also, these prayers are gifts of love for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions." - - Fran Filice

“Our family has always been thankful for the friendship and prayers of the Sisters, feeling that somehow, their prayers have helped to insure happy marriages and family life.”~ Robert & Barbara Aquino

Send a Gift of Prayer

You just received word that a loved one has passed away, or someone you know is ill or has been in an accident. An invitation arrives in the mail to celebrate a birth, wedding, anniversary, or other special milestone, in the life of a dear friend. You want to send a special card, but are not sure what would be appropriate.

Send a GIFT OF PRAYER from the Sisters of the Holy Names.

A GIFT OF PRAYER is a thoughtful and special way to honor someone, remember the deceased, give thanks for God’s many blessings, or celebrate a special occasion.

A GIFT OF PRAYER shows compassion and can be particularly consoling for a friend or loved one who is   coping with a death or other life challenge. Prayers may be requested for special intentions such as, improved health, successful surgery, safe return, comfort, strength, healing and peace.

Recipients' names are recorded in either the GIFT OF PRAYER or IN MEMORIAM book in the Chapel at the Convent of the Holy Names, in Los Gatos. They, and their intentions, are remembered during Mass and held in the prayers of the Holy Names Sisters and Associates. A beautiful, personalized card acknowledging your gift of prayer, is sent to the person or family you indicate; donation amounts are kept confidential. All contributions help support the Sisters and our ministries.

We hope you find our GIFT OF PRAYER a helpful way for you to make meaningful remembrances.


To Request a Gift of Prayer:

Online: Gift of Prayer Request Form

By Mail: Use the  Printable Gift of Prayer Request Form (PDF). The form can be filled out on your computer and printed, or printed first and filled out by hand. You might wish to save a blank "fillable" form to your computer for future use.

Mail the completed form with your donation to:

Sisters of the Holy Names
P. O. Box 907
Los Gatos, CA 95031-0907