"They whom we love and lose

are no longer where they were before,

they are now wherever we are."

~ St. John Chrysostom


Sister Mary Elizabeth Doherty (Sister Miriam Edward)

February 24, 1922 – April 6, 2015

“My music is the spiritual expression of what I am — my faith, my knowledge, my being. When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people. I want to speak to their souls.”
                ~ John Coltrane

Sister Mary Elizabeth Doherty (Sister Miriam Edward) entered into the fullness of life on April 6, 2015. She had celebrated her 93rd birthday in February and made her first profession 73 years ago.

Sister Mary Elizabeth (Sister Mary Liz) started her ministry with 12 years as an elementary school music educator at St. Gregory (Los Angeles), Saint Augustine (Oakland), Academy of the Holy Names (Pomona), Saint Monica (San Francisco) and Marylrose (Oakland). For the rest of her educational ministry, she was in secondary education – 8 years at Ramona Convent Secondary School (Alhambra) and 38 years at Holy Names High School, Oakland. Her contributions to Holy Names High School were countless. She taught religion to generations of students, especially her beloved sophomores. As a music teacher, orchestra conductor and creator of the fine arts program, she brought her boundless passion and love to everything she did. 

When “retirement” from education called her name, she moved to Convent of the Holy Names, Los Gatos where she was a local leader for her sisters, hosting parties and being of service in any way she could. When she moved to Merrill Gardens in Campbell, she became the “unofficial greeter” at the front entry welcoming all. She will be remembered for her many years as sacristan at HNHS, her beautiful flower arrangements, her sense of humor and her Mary “Lizisms.”


Sister Della Stanton (Sister M. Frances Paula)

August 7, 1936 – March 6, 2015



Sister M. Gabriel Kennedy (Jessie Catherine Kennedy)

November 10, 1914 - March 8, 2015

"I have loved every minute of my religious life and have never had a ministry that I could not make enjoyable."
-Sister Gabriel Kennedy

Sister Gabriel celebrated her 100th birthday in grand style in November, 2014. She made her first profession as a Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary 77 years ago in Oakland, California. Sister Gabriel was an elementary school educator par excellence with a special love for kindergarteners. "Kindergarten was my idea of heaven," she wrote. Her educational ministries took her to elementary schools up and down the State of California -- Sacred Heart (Oakland), Saint Monica (Santa Monica), Ramona Convent Secondary School (Alhambra), Saint Elizabeth (Altadena), Marylrose (Oakland), Saint Mary (Los Gatos), Saint Anastasia (Los Angeles), Saint Francis de Sales (Oakland), Saint Bede (Hayward), Saint Anne (Ridgecrest) and Saint Monica (San Francisco). Sister Gabriel was a great community woman. Her love of her religious community was deep and her more than 25 years of community service was often understated. Sister Gabriel responded generously whenever help was needed. We remember the playful and mischievous twinkle in her eye, her joy and delight in life, her readiness for an adventure, especially a road trip, her Hawaiian connection and her love of the Dodgers.


Sister Felice Marie Kolda (Florence Irene Kolda) 

 January 5, 1929 - September 27, 2014

Looking up to heaven, Jesus sighed and said, “Ephphatha,” that is, “Be opened.” And immediately the deaf person’s ears were opened, tongue released, and the person spoke plainly.
–Mark 7:34

“It’s been a blessing that I can be of help to others.”
–Sister Felice Marie

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Sister Barbara Carroll (Sister M. Cecile Collette)

July 10, 1926 - September 18, 2014

"In the names of Jesus and Mary, we desire to proclaim by our lives the primacyof the love of God. Moved by an active love, we collaborate in the church's mission of education, with emphasis on education in the faith, and with special concern for the poor and disadvantaged."
-SNJM Constitutions

“You are precious and cherished in my eyes and I love you, ” were words Sister Barbara (Sister M. Cecile Collette) heard in the early evening of September 18th, as our God called her into the fullness of joy and eternal life. Sister Barbara was 88 years old and had celebrated 67 years of religious profession. 


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